IGC History

Club History

The Idaho Gut Club (IGC) is a statewide gastroenterology organization which was founded in 1991.  It was established to promote medical education and to increase communications and camaraderie between practitioners within the state. It also provides an opportunity for Continuing Medical Education (CME) to gastroenterologists, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants.  The intended format for the IGC bi-annual meetings is a series of lectures on current medical issues facing gastroenterology, including updated patient care information and information on the evaluation and management of gastrointestinal disorders.  The Idaho Gut Club has approximately 70 members that includes practicing and retired gastroenterologists as well as physician’s assistants, nurse practitioners, and other sub-specialties related to gastroenterology from Idaho and the surrounding Northwest states.  The Idaho Gut Club is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

In 2016, the IGC is proud to have celebrated an historic 25th year as an established organization. February 2020, marks the 57th meeting of the Idaho Gut Club.  It is an organization that is recognized and well respected within the medical community.

The Board of Directors with the assistance of Ronald Sestero has been integral in guiding the organization into a successful and sustainable bi-annual CME meeting for Idaho's growing Gastroenterology community.  Members of the Idaho Gut Club Board of Directors serve three year terms and are elected by the IGC membership.  At present, members on the Board of Directors include:  Steve Schutz, MD; Nic Cordum, MD; Ted Bohlman, MD; Matt Sericati, MD; and Patrick Lind.  Ronald Sestero serves as the Director of Education.

The Idaho Gut Club has had a remarkable group of Governors who have each served two year terms.  Past Governors include: Ted Bohlman, MD; Patrick Schow, MD; Allen Sinclair, MD; Nic Cordum, MD;      Stephen Schutz, MD; Mark Mallory, MD; Bonnie Kim Waite, MD; John Witte, MD and Chad Morse, MD; Stephen Schutz, MD (second term); Matthew Sericati, MD; and Ashley Evans, MD, Meghan Jankowski, MD.  The current Governor is Bryan Brimhall, MD 2022.

The Idaho Gut Club encourages communications and camaraderie among its members and all attendees.  Traditionally, a group dinner is held Friday evening for the members, speakers and their guests.  Representatives of pharmaceutical, medical devices, and other companies who helped fund the symposia are also in attendance at the banquet and participate in social activities.

Over the years, the Idaho Gut Club has utilized venues in Sun Valley, McCall, Coeur d'Alene, Jackson Hole, and Tamarack Resort for their bi-annual symposia.  Funding for the meetings is derived from annual membership dues and industry support.