Speaker History

Idaho Gut Club Archives Meeting talks for educational purposes and allows you to review for your convenience.  Talks prior to 2018 will be available via DVD for check out.  Please contact IGC_GOV@hotmail.com


Fall 2023


Sid Barritt, MD NAFID: Where are we now emerging therapies and where we are goingDrug Induced Liver Injury,Interesting Liver Patient Cases
Cammy Lawlor. MS Oral Hypopharyngeal Dysphagia: Can Fiberoptic Evaluation of Endoscopic Swallowing Help?


Spring 2023


ElsbethJensen-Otsu, MD Updates in Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Anthony Dinallo, MD M.P.H

Don Kirkpatrick, MD



Fall 2022


Lisa Forman, MD, MSCE Cholestatic Liver Disease PCB and PSC by Lisa Forman, MD, MSCE
Ben Karsten, MD Treatment of Rectal Cancer 2022


Spring 2022


Jessica Allegretti, MD Diagnosis and Management of Clostridipides Difficile InfectionFMT Beyond CDI
Paul Kwo, MD Viral Hepatitis A-Z in 2022NAFLD Management: Where We Are Now and What Does the Future Hold?
William Chey, MD How to Manage H. Pylori Infection in 2022Evidence-based Management of IBS
Deena LaJoie, RD, LD
Andrea Bailey, RD, LD
Spring Bean, RD, LD
Integrating MNT Into Treatment Plan To Increase Positive Outcomes


Fall 2021


Blair Fennimore, MD Management of Dysplasia in IBDCare of the Hospitalized Patient with IBD
Leah Stockton, MD Update on Surgical Oncology
Sachin Wani, MD Incorporating Quality Indicators in Your Endoscopic Practice,
the Time is Now (Video Unavailable)
Chris Reising, MD Advances in the Invasive Treatment of GERDUpdate on the Treatment of Esophageal Cancer (Video Unavailable)
Meghan Jankowski, MD Case Study (Video Unavailable)
Steve Schutz, MD Allen Sinclair Memorial Potpourri (Video Unavailable)


Spring 2020


Paul Menard-Katcher, MD Esophageal MotilityEsophageal Reflux and Testing
Ciara Huntington, MD Surgical Management of Reflux
Brigid S. Boland, MD Update on Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Part 1Update on Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Part 2
Jane M. Yang, MD Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
Meghan Jankowski, MD Motility Case Study 1Motility Case Study 2
Steve Schutz Allen Sinclair Memorial PotpourriERCP Case Study


Fall 2019


Ann Larson, MD NAFLD/NASH- Fatty LiverManagement of End Stage Liver Disease
Kunjali Padhya, MD Nutrition – Part 1Nutrition – Part 1
Mark Mallory, MD GI Case StudyGI Case Study 2
Meghan Jankowski, MD GI Case Study 3
Ashley Evans, MD IBD Case Study
Steve Schutz, MD Allen Sinclair Memorial PotpourriERCP Case Study


Spring 2019


Jim Rosenbaum, MD The Microbiome: Does it cause inflammatory disease?Extra-intestinal Manifestations of IBD
Corey A. Siegel, MD Personalized Proactive and Patient Centered IBD CareIs it possible to discontinue IBD Therapy?
Neena Abraham, MD Blood thinners acute bleeding  & homeostasis: Negative with confidenceEffective endoscopy in the Antithrombotic Era: Minimizing Complications
Daniel Noonan, MD The Watchman Device for Atrial Fibrillation: What Gasteroenterologists need to know
Ashley Evans, MD IBD Case Study
Steve Schutz, MD Allen Sinclair Memorial PotpourriERCP Case Study


Fall 2018


Adam Templeton, MD Advances in ERCPEndoluminal Resection
Bartley Pickron, MD Colorectal SurgeryIBD Updates
Matt  Moore, MD TIPSSY-90 Treatment for HCC and Metastatic Colorectal Cancer
Steve Schutz, MD Allen Sinclair Memorial Potpourri


Spring 2018


Richard Gilroy, MD Hepatitis B Updates
Hepatitis C Updates
Elisa Boden, MD Managing Complications of IBD Therapy
Can we De-escalate Therapy in IBD?
IBD Case Report
Joshua Barton, MD Minimally Invasive Pancreatic Surgery
Dan Toweill, MD Update on GI Pathology
Andrew Ross, MD Duodenal Scope Infections
Barrett’s Esophagus
Steve Schutz, MD Allen Sinclair Memorial Potpourri


Fall 2017


William DePaolo, MD Colon Cancer and the Gut MicrobiomeGenetics and GI Disease
Elisa Boden, MD Managing Complications of IBD TherapyCan we De-escalate Therapy in IBD?IBD Case Report
Tracy Young, MD Update on Hepatitis C Therapies
Douglas Adler, MD Endoscopic Drainage of Pancreatic Fluid CollectionsOh No, I’ve Been Sued! Now What?
Dan Zuckerman, MD Update on GI OncologyTargeted Care for GI Tumors
Steve Schutz, MD Allen Sinclair Memorial Potpourri


Spring 2017


Patrick Knibbee, MD Overlap Syndromes IBD and Rheumatology
Tyler Burpee, MD Transition from Pediatric Gastroenterology
Anita Alfzali, MD Advances in Inflammatory Bowel DiseaseTargeted IBD Care
Renuka Bhattachara, MD Fatty Liver Disease and Treatment OptionsLiver Transplant Trends
Elizabeth Bollinger, MD Endoscopic Weight Loss Procedures


Spring 2016


Kris Kowdley, MD Update on Hepatitis CLiver Transplant Complications
Chris Keller, MD Hepatorenal Syndrome
Peter McNally, MD Personalized Approach to Sustained BiologicalRemission in Crohn’s DiseaseDifficult to Manage IBD Patients


Fall 2015


Uma Karnam, MD Ciliac diseaseSurcarse Deficiency
Brian Brauer, MD Cystic Lesions of the PancreasCholangiocarcinoma


Spring 2015


Richard Kozarek, MDVirginia Mason Medical CenterSeattle, Washington Update on Acute PancreatitisEndoscopic Management of GI Perforations
Scott Lee, MDAssociate ProfessorUniversity of WashingtonDirector of the Clinical IBD ProgramSeattle, Washington IBD and PregnancyUpdate on IBD

Fall 2014

John Lee, MD Advances in ERCP:  A Thorough Update
Difficult Colon Polyps – How Can We Remove Them?
Michael Charleton, MD New Therapies in Hepatitis
Selective Topics in Liver Disease

Spring 2014

John Baille, MD Updates in Advanced Endoscopy
Updates in Advanced ERCP
Michael Charlton, MD Update on Liver Transplantation

Fall 2013

Jewel Sammander, MD Updates in Endoscopy
Hereditary Colorectal Cancer – Clinical Diagnosis
Colonoscopy and CRC Prevention – Are We Losing the War on Polyps?
 Brian Berk, MD Updates in Hepatitis B
Updates  in Cirrhosis
Anita Afzali, MD Challenges in Crohn’s Disease
Updates  in IBD Treatment

Spring 2013

John Baillie, MD Updates in Advanced Endoscopy
Updates in Advanced ERCP
Scott Lee, MD Updates In Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
Stephan Moran, MD A Trauma Surgeon’s Perspective on Automotive Safety
Thomas Huntington, MS Challenges in Nissen Fundoplication

Fall 2012

Ian Gan, MD Pancreatic Cystic Lesions
Endoscopic Management of Chronic Pancreatitis
Tom Davis, MD Evaluation of the Pancreatic Incidentaloma
Pearls of BARRX therapy
Christian Pariseau, MD Recognizing Eating disorders
James Lineberger, PhD Social Media in Medicine
Mark Harris, MD Managing Chronic Abdominal Pain
Joo Ha Hwang, MD Diagnosing and Managing GIST
Diane Alonso, MD Update on Living Donor Transplantation
Fibrolamellar Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Spring 2012

Elisa Boden, MD Care of the Hospitalized IBD patient
IBD Case Studies
Flavio Rocha, MD Contemporary Management of Biliary Carcinoma
Irinel Stanciu, MD Bone Health and the GI physician
Reese Verner, MD Anti-reflux surgery: A Surgeon’s Perspective
Andrew Ross, MD Endoscopic Adventures in the post-Bariatric Patient
Small Bowel Endoscopy in 2012: An Update
Klaus Mergener, MD Capsule Endoscopy: Past, Present and Future
Health Care Reform in 2012

Fall 2011

Robin Kim, MD Laparoscopic Liver Surgery
Pam Wagner, RD So You Think You Can Dose? Nutrition Update
Don Castell, MD Esophageal Motility – High Resolution Manometry
GERD in the 21st Century
John Scott, MD HCV Treatment
HCV Patient Selection
Benjamin Bridges, MD Safe & Effective Transfusions

Spring 2011

           Douglas Adler, MD Malignant and Benign Biliary Strictures
GI stenting 2011: Where are we now where are we going
Dan Zuckerman, MD GI Oncology Translational Update
Larry Szarka, MD Gastroparesis: Clinical Pearls from the Motility Clinic
Functional Bowel Disorders: More Pearls from the Motility Clinic
Casi Wyatt, MD New Bugs and New Drugs

Fall 2010

Terry Box, MD Update on Hepatitis C
Fatty Liver – Assigning Blame and Taking Action
John Fang, MD PEG: Complications and how to prevent them
Propofol Use in GI Endoscopy: What the @#?!
William Traverso, MD Update on Pancreatic Disease: A surgeon’s view

Spring 2010

Sumona Saha, MD IBD and Pregnancy
GI Issues and Pregnancy
Susan Belzer GI Coding Update
Matt Burtelow, MD Autoimmune Pancreatitis
Diane Alonso, MD Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Fall 2009

Pat Phau, MD Endoscopists View of Virtual Colon
Future of Colonoscopy
Gordon Harmston, MD Update on Autoimmune Hepatitis
Umaprassana Karnan, MD Celiac
Potpourri of Hot GI Topics
Diane Alonso, MD Managing Metastatic Colorectal Cancer

Spring 2009

Eric Gaumnitz, MD Laryngopharyngeal Reflux
Martin Goldman, MD Angiography in GI Bleeds
Andy Ross, MD Endoscopic therapy in severe acute pancreatitis
Interventional Enteroscopy

Fall 2008

William Traverso, MD Panceatic Cancer: Formula for Success
Christina Surawicz, MD C.difficle: What’s New in 2008
Evalution of Chronic Diarrhea
Michael Owens, MD NOTES
Dan Toweill, MD Pathology for the GI Physician

Spring 2008

Robert Carithers, MD Liver Transplantation: Current Controversies
Hepatocellular Carinoma: Modern Management
  1. Worth Boyce, MD
Eosinophilic Esophagitis and its Strictures
Management of the Obstructed Esophagus

Fall 2007

Sum Lee, MD Acute Pancreatitis: Current Concepts
Gallstone Disease: An Esoteric View
Michael Saunders, MD Pancreatic Cystic Lesions
Capsule Endoscopy

Spring 2007

Glen Lehman, MD Pancreatic Endotherapy: Update
Biliary Endotherapy: Update
John Fang, MD Advances in GERD
Dyspepsia:  When to look, How to Treat